Tuesday, October 14

Hive Oh Eight Day #3

Saturday started off mellow. Stacy and Landon arrived at the Konicki's with Steve & Ronni earlier than the rest of the crew so we got a little relaxing time with them.

Jason set up the water slide and the kids jumped right in. When we were here in April, Leah would NOT go on this slide. What a difference a summer makes!

This is our child of a thousand faces. Seriously, I have never seen so many expressions on a kid in my life.

After playtime and some rest time, we got the kids bathed and into their costumes for indoor Hive-themed trick-or-treating.

Many thanks to Keri for stuffing the "bees" (large Easter eggs decorated like bees) and getting all of the nets and things together for our Halloween Hunt. The kids loved it. After the hunt they got to watch Word World's Halloween episode to calm down.

At 8pm, the Gator game took precedence over ALL other activities. Erin actually managed to sleep through the win over LSU. I don't even remember when Leah went to bed, I think somewhere around 10:30. Which brings day 3 to a close.

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