Monday, October 20

Annual Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch outing

We had such fun at the AwShucks Corn Maze. Although I misjudged how cold it was out with the wind, so we were a little underdressed. But other than that, we had a great day. It was so much better than last year when we had a horrible drought that killed most of the corn. The big kids loved the maze. We let them decide which paths to take (I kept the map so at least I knew WHERE we were). They discovered the corn in the husks early on.
Leah and Ian carried around their "corn swords" for most of the maze, swiping at the stalks and occasionally each other.

At the end of the maze, we let Erin out to run around.
Then we took pictures on this hay wagon.

At last we headed for the pumpkin patch. We didn't get any pumpkins, we just played around and took pictures.
After dinner at Big Bob Gibson's BBQ, we headed home exhausted but happy.

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