Thursday, October 16

Not baby anymore...

Erin has exploded with her words lately. Here is a short list of things she says: hot, up, Mommy, Dada, Ee-ah, pup-pup, duck (sounds like duh), good girl, night night, play, milk (says nuh for milk), and is repeating almost everything. It is AWESOME to be able to talk to her and know she is understanding you.

The very latest thing though is fighting naptime. She is not doing it at bedtime yet, but everyday at naptime, she stands in her crib and wails, "Mooooommmmmeeeeeeeee!" over and over. It is hard not to go in there and get her. For the past two days, I have had to go back in like 1/2 hour after I put her down and rock her a little bit. When I put her in bed after that, she still screams, but not for very long. This part is not so fun.

I just went back and read a bunch of Erin entries and nowhere have I blogged about her little attitude. No lie, she already has attitude at 14 months. I am DREADING her teen years. If you tell her no and she doesn't like it, she flails around and tries to hit you. When she wants milk and you don't give it to her, she screams and cries until she is holding her cup. And not just any cup, she only wants milk in her Nuby sippy cup, not the Playtex ones. If you give her the wrong cup, she just throws in on the ground and continues to chant, "Nuh Nuh" (milk). If you leave the gate open for ONE second, she is climbing upstairs immediately. I CANNOT get her to walk with me through a door if she doesn't want to. When we come inside in the evening to make dinner, she pitches her little fit in the doorway so no one can walk through.

I absolutely adore this little pill of mine. She is the light of my life! Some of my favorite kids when I was teaching were the ones who gave me a hard time. What is the deal with that?


Keri Donald said...

Erin is so freakin' adorable and has such a strong personality! I really have never seen a kid her age smile so much! It was so great to get to see you guys and your little kiddies!

BTW, was just looking at your 1 year card for Erin again yesterday. Are you sure the picture at 4 months wasn't Leah? She looks JUST LIKE her!

Nikki said...

She sounds like a 2 year old! Erin seriously has the most expressive face I've ever seen. And the most adorable smile, especially with those little teeth. I was surprised to hear her repeating everything so well too. Is it just me or is she growing up SO FAST?!!

So glad we got to spend so much time with you guys last week!

Brittany said...

That sounds like the cutest temper-tantrum I've ever heard of!