Wednesday, October 1

Sugar Poll

So the poll is over. Here is the sugar breakdown:
Skittles - 47g
Raisin Bran Crunch - 20g
Dark Chocolate - 21g
Frusion smoothie - 48g

If you take the sugar grams and divide by 4, that is how many teaspoons are in the item. Adults should have no more that 12 tsp of added sugar daily (naturally occurring sugars like in fruit don't count in this tally). So your Dannon smoothie is a daily allowance of sugar.

On someone's suggestion, I have been using The Daily Plate to track my calories. It is neat because it breaks down not only calories, but fiber, fat, sugar, protein, sodium, and cholesterol. On any given day I can see where I stand in any of those categories. I ten to go over on sodium and protein, but I am fine in the other categories. Anyway, it is a neat site.


Lisa said...

Daily Plate proved to be my lifesaver. PLus, I rarely have to add in my own calories and food breakdown. Most everything is in their data base. Did you notice you can also track your exercise and it automatically tallies how many calories you burn? Love it!

Arielle said...

I love the Daily Plate. I used to use that back in Jan when I was dieting. I need to diet (eat right) again. Pasta is so cheap though and being out of work leads to cheap food. Ugh!