Sunday, October 5

More races?

Now that I have gotten a taste of racing, I am ready for more. I have been looking into local races all day. We are going to visit Steve & Ronni for Thanksgiving and I found the Tamarac Turkey Trot in their area. I am trying to enroll Mike & I in that (while we have babysitters and we can focus on running). Then I was looking at triathlons. You heard that right. The sprint distance triathlons sound fairly reasonable. You swim anywhere from 250-750 meters, bike 5-10 miles, and run 3.1 miles. I would be interested in participating in one in February or Marchish. The schedules aren't up yet for 2009, but I will be keeping my eyes out for what is available when it gets closer. Love it!


Brittany said...

Houma has a 5K race and festival. Maybe y'all could plan your next trip around that. Mom would know more information about it.

Congratulations on finishing that race...that's really impressive!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the race and weight loss! Once you do one race, it is very easy to get hooked! Good luck!