Tuesday, January 13

Triathlon bummer

I logged onto the tri website on January 5th (the day after they opened registration) and the race we wanted to participate in was already full.

And there went my triathlon hopes. Just like that.

Mike and I are still going to do a "triathlon" in our own neck of the woods. We plan to swim at our gym, then bike and run from there to get a time for ourselves. It doesn't matter now when we do it, so there is no particular date. Just a day that it isn't too cold would be good.

Because of this issue, we pondered briefly on the idea of trying to get pregnant in February. We would only have the one shot. That baby would be born in November. That would give us time to attend Brittany's wedding in January. If it didn't work, we would have to wait until at least June in order not to conflict with the wedding. And if we are already waiting until June, it may as well be July so we can enjoy our cruise witha clear conscience. So we are back at July again.

In other news, Mike & I decided to start Erin at Leah's school in February on Tue/Thurs. Chase started there today, so they would be in the same class. Then I would have time to spend one-on-one with each kid. And I know Leah needs it. She rarely gets time alone with me. It will be fun to do errands with just her since she is easier to handle.

I think that is all that is new with us.


Laurie said...

Well, now I don't feel as bad about crapping out on it anymore...:)

Tiffanyrose said...

Get pregnant in February, all the cool people are doing it!

steschy said...

Yayy...yes get pregnant soon! I'm itching for another one!

I'm having our 2 year old start school in September! It will be nice to have just Lily time :o)

I love how you and your hubby workout together! That's awesome!

Mandi said...

Laurie: getting pregs is not crapping out. :)

I'm pretty cool and I'm not doing it. I'm a non-conformist.:)

I think you should enjoy your cruise without having to worry about it. Then the worst part of your pregnancy will be in the winter when it's not hot.

Also, I'd still like to plan on coming up there and doing the mock-tri with you, so let us know when's a good time so we can plan. We were looking at the tri on March 15th at Parris Island, but with hotel stay and everything, we decided against it.

Kayci Ayers said...

Angelle- you're SO baby hungry! I say go for it! Whatever happens, happens and things WILL work out!