Saturday, January 3

Training Graph

I decided to put my anticipated week's training on the graph and will make adjustments as the week progresses as to what was actually done, if necessary. That way I can check my blog for my daily training schedule instead of having to go multiple places. Enjoy!

PS Yes, I went from week 11 to week 9 (were you paying attention?). I haven't really worked out in almost two weeks so I decided to go back and redo weeks 9 and 10.


steschy said...

You go girl! I need to work out! I would feel better! Just gotta find the time.....good luck to ya!

Mandi said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that's been slacking. I decided that i'm going to start fresh tomorrow, backtracking from the week of the tri to today to see where i should be.