Wednesday, January 14


Erin does a lot of "hi-in'" (hiding) lately. She goes somewhere like my closet or behind the bathroom door and says, "Mommy, hi-in'." I ask, "Erin, are you hiding?" She says, "Yah." I know it sort of defeats the purpose of announcing you are hiding while you are in your hiding place, but otherwise we would never know to look for her. :)

This morning she hid in my closet. I peeked in at her then I hid in another part of the closet. She thought that was pretty hilarious. She giggled while I said, "Where's Mommy?" and then came to find me with the biggest hug. It was so sweet.

These things are the reason we are talking about trying to have another child again soon. She has gotten so BIG the last month or so. She is no longer a baby. She is talking, playing, running, climbing, and wanting her own way.

At breakfast she said, "Dampin' makey does?" (Jumping Monkey joes?) She remembers a week ago when I took them up there to play. Just now she laughed at something Leah said and told her, "Funny." What a kid!


Keri Donald said...

Annabelle is nearly 3 and she's still announcing where she's hiding. :) Haha!

brittany said...

When I used to babysit for Laura, she would hide, and then if I didn't come find her, she would say, "I'm in the closet!" Like I needed help to find her or something. It was so cute!

Mandi said...

Yesterday I curled my finger at Ashton to come real close and then 'tricked' him by giving him a kiss. He says he was so "grossed out" by it, but then kept saying "do it again!" The second time i did it he tricked me and ran away. He found this hilarious. So i said i wouldn't do it again. He's like "I won't move, I promise!" I said, "are you telling the truth?" He's like "No, i'm gonna trick you again." Kids are so honest.

PS my vw is tifinymp - i wonder if a tiffany lamp is in my future?

NaeNae said...

How sweet! It sounds like it's time to have another!