Sunday, January 11


Now that Erin is starting to talk, she says some really funny things. We sometimes have a hard time interpreting it, but sometimes not so much.

The other day Erin was pooping in her diaper and I guess it hurt. She kept saying, "Poo poo, poo poo" frantically. I asked her, "Awww, baby, does it hurt?" She said, "Hurt," in a pathetic voice. Then she thought about it and said, "Kiss it."

When we ride in the car awhile and she needs some attention,, she slips her arm under one of her car seat straps and says, "Arm out?" asking you to help her get it out. But she can get it out herself. She just wants some interaction with you.

Today Mike and I rode our bikes with the kids on the back up to Food Lion to get the paper, then around the back way home. Every once in a while Erin would say, "Mama?" "Yes, baby?" I would respond. "Fun," she would tell me. It was adorable.

Also today she brought us one of the play coins from Leah's cash register. She kept saying something over and over while holding out the coin and I had no idea what it was. Then it dawned on me, Channukah candy she was saying. The coin looks like chocolate gelt to her.

I love that kid.


Keri Donald said...

What a smartie! :D

Mandi said...

Sooo... did you? Kiss it? LOL!
That's my favorite. :)

steschy said...

How cute! I love how they just out of the blue start talking....and then they REPEAT everything! Our 2 year old repeats the cuss words ;o) I've cleaned up my language till they go to bed. LOL!