Tuesday, January 27

Erin these days

Erin started school today. As typical of her, she ran right into the classroom and would not hug me good-bye. She actually told me no when I asked for one. I took Leah to go pick her up and she was playing away. When they handed me an art project (a cotton ball snowman) I got teary. I have never even attempted an art project with her yet I guess I assumed that she wasn't ready. They said she loved it. I am so glad we put her in school, she is such a social creature.

I swear this kid is older than she really is. Tonight after dinner Erin was stripped to her diaper. She grabbed it (it was pretty full) and said "I ge git, dah-pah" (I get it, diaper) and brought one over to me. She was ready to be changed. It was pretty funny.

Erin is also playing with the counting bears a lot lately. She can put all of one color in a cup. She may not know the name of the color but she can sort by color already. What a smartie!


steschy said...

Wow! She seems so smart! I'm thinking about putting Ella in school soon. I think it would be good for her. I'm like amazed at how your daughter put all of one color together! That's cool!

Nikki said...

I love the pictures you have posted of Erin at 15 months and Leah at 3.5 years over on the sidebar, but I'd like to see some updated ones soon! :)