Thursday, January 29

2 random things

1. I remind myself SO much of Kate on Jon & Kate Plus 8. I just watched the episode where they go visit their new house. They go into Jon & Kate's room and they tell the kids that they will never be allowed in there again. The way Kate explained it and the way she made the kids stay in the room and pay attention just reminded me of me. A minute ago I was telling Leah something and I made her stop and pay attention to me. I had a flash of Kate just then.

2. Erin can count to ten! This morning she was pointing to letters or numbers on their little table (I couldn't see which one it was) and she counted all the way to ten! Also her favorite color is "geen-pu-pul" and that is the first color she says when I ask what color something is.

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Mandy said...

I LOVE RENT too!!! I'm driving to CLT (from atl) to see it with a friend - sans children! We have tix for the 8PM show tomorrow night, then back to ATL on Sunday. I have beeen listening to my original cast Broadway RENT CD for weeks now - I saw it in Chicago and NYC too - my FAVORITE! (that and wicked too!)