Tuesday, January 13

Pajama Day

Leah is SUPER excited because tomorrow she gets to wear her pajamas to school and bring her blankie and a teddy bear. Tonight she made Mike ask her at least 3 times, "Do you know what tomorrow is?" And as she lay in bed she told me, "Mom, I will remind you in the morning that I don't have to take my pajamas off." I told her that I wouldn't forget. She said, "I will remind you anyway."

I love that school can make her so giddy.


steschy said...

That's cute! I love it!

Lisa said...

That is so cute. Kids never get over being able to have a jammie day at school. Last year, when my oldest, Julia, was in 2nd grade they had a PJ day and she spent the whole night before picking out which ones she was going to wear!

LeShayne said...

My kids love PJ day too! Glad to hear she is liking school much, the more they love it the easier it makes later grades. Thats such a fun age to when they get giddy about all the little things that are big in their world. I love it!