Thursday, November 6

Various & sundry items

Item 1 - After I dropped our camera in the lake in Michigan on the first day of our trip, we weren't sure what to do. The camera dried out and worked fine, but a water spot dried somewhere inside making not only the view through the camera blurry, but the image itself. We took it to a camera shop at the end of August. The man said that they would let us know, but if the spot was in a certain place, then they would not be able to get to it. About 6 weeks later, the repair shop called and said that they were able to improve the image, but not completely get rid of the spot. They were not charging us for the repair since they weren't able to fix it completely. I said thanks, then promptly forgot about the camera since I couldn't really use it. They have called us twice to remind us to come pick up the camera but it has never been convenient (it's about 30 min away). Finally yesterday I stopped by to pick the camera up. The battery was dead, so I took it home to charge just to see what the picture quality was. You be the judge:

Item 2 - I took the girls to Monkey Joe's today after their flu shots. Leah's preschool sponsored a session there. I had not been there with Erin since she was too little to let out of the stroller. Well, today she LOVED IT! She climbed around the toddler areas. Then I took her down some of the bigger slides and she screamed and clapped and grinned her little head off. In the big bouncy house, it was very slippery. Erin rolled around chasing the beach balls that were in there. I got sweaty chasing her around. It was such a good time. Too bad my new and improved camera was at home on my sofa.

Item 3 - I have decided that Erin is in the most physically exhausting stage (for a mother) and Leah is in the most mentally exhausting stage. I CONSTANTLY have to be chasing Erin around. If a gate or a door opens she is through it before you can even think about closing it. She is all the way to Chase's house before I even get out of the garage. She is always finding something on my floor to put in her mouth. If I open the fridge, she is immediately climbing the shelves calling for her "na" (milk). If a chair is not pushed in at the kitchen table, she is climbing on it and soon will be on the table too. Yesterday I was putting her to bed when the timer on the stove went off (I had cookies in the oven). I shut her in her bedroom and went down to get the cookies out. I did not lock the upstairs gate because I was coming right back and Erin was shut in her room. She can't open doors. But Leah can. When I came back upstairs 30 seconds later, Erin was on the second step from the top, just sitting there. Leah, of course, had no idea why I had shut Erin in her room. I almost had a heart attack. That kid!

As far as Leah being mentally exhausting, she is just constantly asking questions. I have to explain everything. The one we discussed today was, "Where was I before I was in your belly?" I tried to explain nowhere, but that was not making her happy. So I told her a little about the eggs in the Mommy which is where all her kids are before they grow in her belly. Then she wanted to know how the baby comes out. I just told her that you go to the hospital and the doctor helps the baby come out. She didn't question that any further (thank goodness) but did declare that she wanted a girl doctor when she was ready to have her own babies. How am I supposed to keep up with this little smartie?


Keri Donald said...

I can TOTALLY relate to Item 3! Corgan wears me out! He's ALWAYS in the pantry taking out anything he can get, and when the door is shut, he yells at me about it. He's ALWAYS taking cups and bowls out of the kid's drawer, and has started moving on to the other drawers. Erin sounds so much like him! And Annabelle... while she's not probing me about the birds and the bees, she's constantly asking me "Oh.. Why?" about EVERYTHING! Sometimes I wish she had a mute button! Being a full-time mom of these exhausting kids sure can wear a mommy out; huh? They make me want to get on a treadmill and run for an hour just to relax! :)

Christina said...

Wow...I 3rd item 3! Our kids must all be exactly the same. Yesterday we went to Melissa's and I was constantly chasing Kaitlyn around the entire time because her house isn't baby proofed. Then we got in the car at 9:00 at night and Zach didn't stop asking questions the entire 1/2 hour car ride home.

I guess on the postive side we know we are not alone!

brittany said...

What? You didn't think she was old enough to hear the story about the Stork?


Nikki said...

I love hearing stories about your kids because I know I'm always roughly nine months away from being there too. Although Elena hasn't shown any signs of being a firecracker like all three of your number 2's. So far she seems like a carbon copy of Halle (in personality). I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't start walking til 15 months either.

I've always been very impressed with Leah's smart little brain. She's something else! Halle talks about Leah and Erin all the time now. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks!

Chelsi said...

I'm with you on number 3 as well - Ethan is all over the place when he is awake and is constantly getting into things. I'm amazed some people can set up their houses the way they do, we've had to move, baby gate and lock up SO much stuff as a preventative. Between his activeness and my half marathon training schedule, I've been in bed by 9:30 a LOT of nights lately :)

The Ayers Family said...

I love reading your blog and feeling like I wrote the post myself!
#2 I find myself putting Ezra in his crib with a few toys throughout the day just so I can scramble to get things done without having to save him from catastrophe every two seconds
#3 Kleven asks CONSTANTLY about how he got into my tummy and how he got out. I told him God put him there and then he told me he remembers jumping out of my belly button. I just nod and smile.
He asks "Why" so much that Ezra has now started saying it too. It makes me want to SCREAM!