Wednesday, November 12

They must know what they are doing...

On my triathlon training program, here is how the numbers go for a 4 week period:
Week 1 - previous month's week 3
Week 2 - add 10% more minutes to each exercise from week 1
Week 3 - add 10% more minutes to week 2
Week 4 - back down 25% less minutes for each exercise for recovery

Last week was a recovery week. I had been up to 24 minutes swimming and running and 48 minutes biking. So I thought 14 min S/R and 29 min B were going to be a breeze. I kinda felt guilty about "slacking" like that. But I followed the program. And you know what? Every day was a struggle to get through the minutes. AND I wanted to nap almost everyday/go to bed early every night. I was SO tired.

I began to realize toward the end of the week that those guys who make the program must know what they are doing. Obviously my body desperately needed that recovery week to get back on track. This week I have done fine with the 24 min swim and the 48 min bike so far. So I guess I will be listening to the program in the future.


Mandi said...

I wonder if it's the same for me because i skipped thurs and fri. Monday was really hard and it was such a short workout. :P We'll see how i do today.

brittany said...

So I just checked my mail for the first time in about a month. Thanks for the card!

And really, I am so proud of you also. Training for a marathon is very impressive and a lot of hard work. I just know you are going to meet you goals!

Christina said...

I'm glad your training is going so well. I was running on the beach and I hurt my knee. It has been killing me but I don't want to stop.