Saturday, November 8

Mountain biking with children

Today we went to Cane Creek Park to bike on their trails. I knew the trails were going to be unpaved, I thought like dirt paths. Not so much. It was actual mountain biking, going over tree roots and piles of leaves. Mike had Leah and I had Erin on the backs of our bikes too. I have to admit I was TERRIFIED at first. And poor Erin on the back. Her helmet hit the back of the bike seat with every bump. She just kept saying, "Mama, Mama," over and over. Then after a bit I heard her humming to herself. So I guess she got used to it. After I got over the fear of skidding on a root and losing control of my bike, I realized that biking through the woods this time of year is SO beautiful. I wish I had taken our "new" camera, but it's not like I could have stopped to take pictures.

Also, remember how I mentioned potty training a few posts ago? Well, today when Erin said pee-pee, I rushed her to the potty. She sat for a minute and Leah brought us a book. While I was reading to her, she strained, saying "Pee-pee?" and out it came! She pooped on the potty after telling me she had to go! It would be awesome if she could poop on the potty.


Keri Donald said...

That is ridiculously amazing!

Nikki said...

Seriously! WOW!!!

I would've been terrified about the mountain biking with the kid on my bike too. Glad you ended up enjoying it. :)

Chelsi said...

You are one brave woman. I just started biking with Ethan on the back, and still feel nervous doing it on a paved road. The potty thing with Erin is amazing at her age, too!

megAstar said...

I will be super impressed if your 1 year old starts using the toilet... what a smarty!!!!