Thursday, November 20


Seriously? When did I fall for Alex Karev? He is becoming a real person. And the Denny thing? I think I would lose it even worse than Izzy has.

And as always, I adore Dr. Bailey.


Keri Donald said...

Haha! I know what you mean. This sex with a ghost thing is very daytime soaps though. While I love seeing Denny, that just has to stop!

Poor Alex and his love for crazy people!

(My "word verification" to post a comment is "shiles". That totally sounds like something Jason or Mike would say for "sh*t" in front of the kids!)

Nikki said...

Ten bucks says we find out next week that Izzy is dying and has a brain tumor or something and that's how they justify this Denny thing. I gotta admit, Denny is ridiculous hot. I feel for Alex, especially now that he's a nice guy (and when he's nice, he's pretty hot too), but the strained face on Denny when he had to watch Izzy go to Alex at the end of the show.. man. Good thing Izzy has two strong men that love her because I have feeling things are about to get so much worse for her.

I'm turning into an old stay-at-home lady who gets really into the characters on tv shows. Aaah!

brittany said...

That whole Denny storyline is retarded.

And yes, Alex is getting cuter by the episode.

LeShayne said...

Augh! I have not seen this weeks yet, we were out of town without a tv. I can't wait to watch it tonight...