Friday, November 21

Mommied out

I love my darling baby girls, but I am just tired of hearing Mommy today. Leah literally calls my name 3 or 4 times (while I am saying "Yes, Leah?" after each one) before saying what she has to say. I feel like screaming, "What? What do you want?" after about the 5th time. She also says, "Mama?" and I say what and she says "I love you." It is so sweet and kinda annoying that she does it every 5 minutes. And Erin sat in her bed this morning for an hour, not crying, saying "Mooooommmmmeeee" or "Mama" in various tones of voice. She did end up napping from 1:30-3:30, but she has been napping twice a day for this whole week. It threw things off a bit.

Tomorrow we are going to Sam's Club for their tasting event, then I have my hair appointment at 4pm. That will be such a a nice break.


Nikki said...

Are you doing something fun with your hair too? Can't wait to see if you are! :)

Keri Donald said...

I feel ya! There are many days when I wish I could hit a mute button. And, like Leah, Annabelle does the "I love you Mommy" thing, which makes me feel horrible for annoyingly ask "What!?!"

LeShayne said...

Been there before. Enjoy your break. Hey can you email me your sweet potato recipe - its so delicious I want to attempt it this - thanks!!!