Sunday, November 2

New triathlon goal

All along it has been my goal just to complete the triathlon. I told myself if I could just finish it, well that would be accomplishment enough. Well, today I decided that was not enough. I want to finish in under 2 hours. I think they only allow you 2h15m anyway, but I am sure I can do it in less than 2 hours. Mike and I went road biking today and with our mountain bike tires completed 8.8 miles in 39 minutes. Then I jumped off and transitioned to running in maybe 4(?) minutes. I then ran 1.2 miles in 14 minutes. Now I was pretty tired after that and my stomach was just one giant cramp. But that was my first outdoor "brick" (event/transition/event) and I was able to complete about half of the last two events. So I think that the swim will take no more than 15 minutes, the bike hopefully about 60 min, then the run needs to be less than 45 minutes. Oh yeah, I forgot transitions. Well, I will just have to keep revising those numbers, because I will do it in under 2 hours!


Yvonne said...

Angelle and Mike,
I was just checking out Kelly's blog that she emailed a link to and I remember that I could link to your blogs from there. Your girls are very cute and it looks as though you all are doing so well in NC. I think of you often. I am teaching 4th grade still at Talbot. Not much has changed in that regard. Suzy is gone and that is a welcomed blessing. Please tell Mike hello. You are amazing at blogging all of the time and getting your pics in. It is truly great! Take care!

Mandi said...

Great! I was thinking the same thing. Barry and I thought about it the other day and I realized that, if i weren't timed, i could probably finish a tri today. It may take me 4 hours, but i'd do it! So we have similar goals. Until i do a brick, i won't know what they are, but i'm thinking under 2 hours. GO us!!