Tuesday, November 25


I'm glad I checked the US Airways website before I packed our stuff. They now charge $15 for the first bag you check and $25 for the second. We are not paying $50 in addition to the already paid flights. So I am trying to figure out how to get all of us in one big suitcase, two carry-ons, and a carseat case (holds a surprising amount). I HATE carrying on with the kids because trying to wrangle them and luggage is not fun. But I will do it to save that $15. Thank goodness Ronni & Steve have one carseat already and a pack-n-play or we would have two additional checked items.

In other news, my poor baby Erin either had a 6 hour stomach bug or our Chinese last night did not agree with her. She woke up at 3:30am throwing up and threw up every half hour until 6:30. Then she and I were finally able to sleep until 8am. But she has eaten applesauce, saltines, juice, milk, and a few bites of grilled cheese already with no side effects. I truly hope that is all it is.


Mandi said...

are you going to S FL for Thanksgiving or NY? We'll be in Chicago. I'll waive to you in the air!
Sounds like she doesn't like Chinese food. Poor Er-Bear.

Angelle said...

S Fl. Have fun in Chicago!

Arielle Haze said...

Hugs! Have a safe flight! Sucks airlines are charging for baggage. I fly Delta, same thing. Boo :(