Friday, August 1

The newest water baby

We went to the water park this afternoon and Leah did so well! We have just finished another round of swim lessons, this time in the preschool II class. Leah did not pass, only because of her fear/hesitation of jumping in. She has been putting her face in fairly well if she chooses to do so. But DO NOT TOUCH her while she is doing it. And jumping in, she wants you to be close to her and holding her hand.

Well, today that seemed to change a bit. She was jumping to us without holding our hands. And she was going under all the way! I taught her how to put her hand on top of her head. I told her she was only going under if the water covered her hand. It was cute to watch her put her hand up every time. So YAY!

Also, we have been in a dilemma about ballet and gymnastics next year. I really wanted Leah to do gymnastics. But she LOVES ballet. She always claims to love it more and says, "I like ballet better because I really love dancing." I looked over the schedules and the best times for us (with Leah's school and Erin's naps) are at exactly the same time for both of them! So we had to choose one. And we chose ballet. So you can look forward to seeing adorable pictures of the recital next May.

We will probably try to work gymnastics into it next year. Incidentally, ballet will cost us $42/mo and gymnastics is $56/mo. If she had done both, that would have been $98/mo just on lessons, not to mention her preschool costs. That kid is sure getting expensive. And it only gets worse...


Jacqueline said...

Yeah -
School Supplies, backpack, lunch box = Easily $100
Activities= $134
Wish List to help teacher = $25
School Clothes $100+

That doesn't count the HUGE grocery bill each week for lunches. We haven't even started any after-school activities. I am still trying to deal with the grocery bill.

Myrn said...

Oh well - the olympics will have to wait - but there's always Juilliard!

Anonymous said...

We just started public school this year and had our first supply list. It's nuts how picky they are! They list certain brands and particular colors, supplies for the art teacher, music teacher and nurse. Easily $150 for both my kids. We also have kids who are both old enough for activities. gets very exspensive when it's x's 2.