Tuesday, August 19

Exercise addiction

I can see how people get addicted to exercise. I always feel so GOOD after I do it. Yesterday I took a class called 30-30-30. That's 30 min of floor aerobics, 30 min of step aerobics, and 30 min of strength training. I thought I was crazy to take it, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I think running for a week prior helped my stamina tremendously. It ended up being lots of fun.

Today we met Christina and Joe at Discovery Place for lunch and some play time there. Of course I currently have no camera, so Christina will have to post pics for you. The kids had a blast looking at sharks, playing with the pulleys and levers, and running around the kids area. Kaitlyn and Erin had just as much fun as the big kids once we let them out to crawl around. They are all coming over tomorrow night for dinner and play too.

Thursday Erin has her 1 yr portraits. The photographer told us to bring in a mini-cake for her and let her smash it up right in the studio. How cool is that? So I guess I should get a cake tomorrow, huh?


Nikki said...

That 30-30-30 class sounds awesome! If you keep that up you'll be a super hottie at Hive this year!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally addicted! Once I get in the gym and start working out, I keeping thinking of more stuff to do...it does make you feel better!


LeShayne said...

I used to be addicted and then life happened and I ran out of time! Don't let your kids grow up...then they have schedules too.

In the meantime kudos to you for all your hard work and dieting on vacation - in my book that makes you Superwoman!