Tuesday, August 5

Look Ma! No cavities!

Leah did so well at her first dental visit today! She woke up this morning asking if we were going right away. When we got there, she went straight back with the hygienist, no looking back. I actually teared up then. An older man in the waiting room said, "She's a big girl now," when Leah left and I had to try hard to compose myself. They called me back for the exam and the doctor was pleased with the spacing in her teeth. He did say that her frenulum (the skin attaching your upper lip to your gums) was attached kinda low and we may have to snip it one day (yikes!) but otherwise everything looked great. Here she is on the big day:

That's her dentist, Dr. Savage.

On a funnier note, Erin fell asleep in her high chair eating lunch. This is a child who has never fallen asleep anywhere but her bed since she was a newborn. She even stayed asleep while I transferred her to bed. Holy cow, she must have been tired.

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Erica Lynn said...

I actually had that flap to my lower lip "snipped" when I was a kid. It was keeping my lower gum from growing up my teeth properly. I used to be able to tell that one tooth had a lower gum line then the rest .. but now they all pretty much look the same .. guess it worked :) I actually do remember the procedure and them injecting me with Novocain or lidocaine .. I'm not sure that's a good thing.