Tuesday, April 8

Middle of the night lurkers

So last night at 3am. Mike woke up to find Leah at his side of the bed. Here are all the things she did prior to winding up at his bedside:

* woke up and got out of bed
* went into her bathroom, turned on the light, and put the potty seat on the potty
* went potty and wiped
* realized that her panties were a bit damp (I guess she only mostly made it)
* got a new pair of panties out of her drawer and put them on inside out
* tried to put her jammies back on

The only flaw in her plan was those darn jammies. She wore footie pajamas to bed last night, you know the kind that zip from one ankle to chin. Well, she put the zip footie on first, then couldn't get the other leg in (honestly, who could?). She went merrily back to bed after we helped her dress.

I had always said that I would stop using the baby monitor on her room (yes, we still use it) when she could get up in the night and go potty without help. I think this pretty much qualifies. I know that if she needs anything she will come and get us. So my firstborn is taking one more step towards big girldom, unsupervised sleep!


Nikki said...

AWESOME!!! I can't wait til that day comes for us! Do you have a step stool in front of the toilet so she can get up and down by herself?

Keri Donald said...

Wow! It's hard to believe that she is old enough to do that already! Awe.

Angelle said...

We used to have a stool, but she can get on and off by herself with no problem now.

Rhiannon said...

You know that would have scared the pants off Dave is Ty was just standing by his side of the bed! lol. What a big girl!

Kelly in NC said...

Ummm if I haven't used my monitor at night for like at least 9 months- does that make me a bad mom?

Angelle said...

Of course not :) I was just nervous. Last night we didn't use it and I was still a little anxious.