Sunday, April 20

Coast to Coast

The girls and I arrived safe and sound in Clearwater this afternoon. I won't recap the weekend again for you. If you are interested in what went down, check out Nikki's and Erica's entries.

Today we went to John Chestnut Park with Rhiannon and Ty. He is so ALL boy. He runs and jumps and climbs now. It is so weird because he looks EXACTLY the same, just more active. :) He followed Leah around a bit which was cute. Rhi and I got to visit (I forgot how much I enjoyed our talks when we would switch kids). It was a fun afternoon. Then we (my mom and I) took the girls to Chuck E Cheese. Leah had a blast. Erin only ate diced carrots and apples, goldfish, and bits of pizza instead of her baby food. I am thinking she is about done with it. Pops showed up for the last few minutes and followed us over to Grammy's house to hang out some more. He is SO good with kids Leah's age. Thanks, Pops, for entertaining my big girl so well.

As with Erica, all is quiet here. We have another few busy days ahead of us, so I better go get some rest while I can.


Brittany said...

I just looked at the other blogs, and I love the picture of Leah and Erin sitting in the sand. It's so cute!

P.S. Did Erin get a haircut?

Rhiannon said...

I am so glad we got to hang out! It was fun catching up. I hope we can plan a summer trip up there to visit longer.