Tuesday, April 15

Erin Update

Keri posted about this and this and it made me realize that I have been meaning to post about these things too!

1) Erin is so much bigger than Leah was at this age. At 8 months, she is solidly in 6-12 month clothing (Old Navy) and 12 month shirts and pants (Target). Her footie PJs are 12 month too (Children's Place) but they are still a bit long. She can still fit in the 9 month Circo ones from Target, but I have lots of 12 month ones from Leah so she alternates. Anyway, Leah was wearing 12 month clothes when we moved here and all through that summer into the fall. I didn't buy her 18 month stuff until it got cool, close to her 18 month birthday. It is so odd to picture Leah walking around in the clothes that Erin is currently wearing to sit on her big ole tush. :)

2) I suspect that Erin has been signing "more" and "milk" to us, though not always in the correct context. She tends to sign "milk" when we are about to eat solids. I am trying to get her to sign "eat" then, but she is not getting that one yet. When she is eating her snacks (puffs, freeze dried fruits, baby goldfish, cheerios), she usually has one in each hand signing "more" by touching the snacks together. I think she is signing, so I cheer and encourage it.

3) Erin is a backwards crawler! She lays on her belly and pushes back with her hands. Her tush scrunches up in the air, then she readjusts her hands and pushes herself flat. She can go pretty far that way. She looks just like an inchworm going backwards.

Updated: 4) I forgot to mention that she turns the pages of her board books when we read together during our "go to sleep" routine. Erin gets two books before nap and two before bedtime. Some current favorites are: Just Like Daddy, Peek-A-Who, and the always classic Brown Bear. If I let go of the next page with my right hand so that it pops up, she will push it over to the other side. From my teaching days, I remember the first level of literacy is knowing how to hold a book and which way the pages go. My baby is on the path to literacy! :)

To all of our Florida friends and family, can't wait to see you all! Two more days!


Erica Lynn said...

I'm so excited to see you guys! This week is going by so slow for me :)

Keri Donald said...

Even if she isn't actually meaning to do the sign, you're totally doing the right thing by acting like she is. That's how she learns that she's doing something right. :)

That's so funny how alike our littlest ones are!

Mandi said...

What is this Florida talk?? Hm? I'm sad i haven't heard that you were coming down!

Liz said...

So excited to see you all! I'll finally get to meet Erin and you'll all FINALLY get to meet Ella! It'll be good times for all!