Tuesday, April 8

Getting to know Erin

1. What's your middle name? Audrey

2. What food will you eat every time? puffs, anything NOT baby food

3. Describe a usual lunch for you? a grain cereal and a veggie

4. What's your favorite drink? formula, but you love juice too

5. What are your very favorite songs? you love Leah to sing Twinkle, Twinkle to you

6. Who are your favorite fictional characters? none in particular yet

7. What is your favorite TV show? whatever sis is watching

8. What is your favorite movie? not in your attention span

9. What/who are your favorite stuffed animals? Pluto

10. What are your favorite electronic toys? a Baby Einstien push button thing

11. What are your favorite non-electronic toys? anything you can shake to make noise

12. What are your favorite books? Brown Bear, Just like Daddy, Pajama Time

13. When's your naptime? between 8-9am for about 2 hrs and again between 1-2 for (hopefully) 2 hrs, if one of my naps is missing or short, I may take a 3rd at 4:30

14. When's your bedtime? 7pm, no later or we hit a wall of crank

15. What's your bedtime routine? Take off clothes, put on clean diaper and diaper rash cream, smooch your little neck and armpits while you shriek with laughter, put on jammies, drink a bottle, read 2 stories, nuk (pacifier) goes in mouth, music on, lamp off, short snuggle, then in bed with your blankie next to your face, cover up and say good night!

16. Besides the obvious, what's in your bed at night? just blankie and covers

17. When is your happiest time of the day? right when you wake up, as long as it was a decent sleep

18. What can make you laugh 100% of the time? smooches on your neck, Leah talking gibberish to you

19. What makes you mad 100% of the time? wiping your face, having a bottle in sight but not in your mouth

20. What do you do to make others laugh? pat, pat, pat someone's face

21. What do you do that drives your Mommy crazy? take off your socks at every opportunity (this just started recently)

22. If you talk, what word(s) do you say incorrectly every time (but it's so cute that you can just go on saying it that way for a while)? no talking

23. If you talk, what are your favorite words or phrases? da da da da

24. What physical feat have you just accomplished? pincer grasp to put bits of food into your mouth

25. Who are some friends you play with often? well, you sit next to Chase occasionally and steal his toys, does that count?

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