Saturday, April 5

Love is...

I used to think that being in love
Meant passion, excitement, and romance.
Now I understand that real love is all those things,
But it's so much more...

Love is...
Watching television together,
Sharing Sunday-morning newspapers,
Talking through our problems,
Reading next to each other in bed,
Cuddling when the nights get cold,
And knowing we will always be together.

Being with you has shown me
All that love can be.

I'm so glad I get to share my life
And my love with you.
(from the card I gave to Mike this morning, I didn't write this)

April 5, 2003-April 5, 2008 (5 years)


Mandy said...

Happy Anniversary, Angelle! Have a great day together - 5 years!

Christeeny said...

happy anniversary guys!

Nikki said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kim A said...

Happy Anniversary!!