Saturday, March 29

Two new Leahisms

With a play camera:
Put your heads together and smile. Holds camera up to her eye backwards. Looks at the camera. Cute!

After using the bathroom:
I don't want to wash my hands. I want to use sanitizer.

Also, she was in the playroom playing with her dollhouse. She took each doll and put it on the potty. Then she pretended to wipe all of their tushes and flushed the little play toilet.

She kept calling our movie Horton hears da Hoot today. She was pretty squirmy. Every time Mike & I laughed she asked What? very loudly. Of course they were jokes she didn't get and it was too complicated to explain, so we kept saying Shhhh, nothing, just watch.

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Christina said...

I love it! I can't wait to get all of these kids together.

We saw Horton yesterday too!