Thursday, March 20

I got the fever

Well, Leah's got it, anyway. She was at 103.7 under her arm at 4pm. I called the triage nurse and of course she doesn't call me back until AFTER the office is closed. AND she recommends that the doctor see Leah. So I have to call first thing this AM. Anyway, Tylenol did bring that fever down by bedtime. But it was up again at 10:45 and stayed flaming until about 12:30. I laid with Leah in the guest room bed while she thrashed about and I listened to her rapid breathing and her heart hammering. I hate those symptoms of high fever. I did learn that there is no reason to treat a fever of less than 102 unless the child is complaining of discomfort. From 102-104, you treat with Tylenol or Motrin and you can sponge bathe IF the medicine doesn't bring the fever down. But don't sponge bathe until about an hour after you administer the meds, because both together can make the fever come down too fast. Over 104 gets serious, but still not a whole lot you can do during the night except medicate and bathe. I will keep you updated on the dr appt later today.

PS Erin slept from 7pm until 6:15am!


Liz said...

Poor babies! Ella is sick too. She's been on antibiotics for 10 days and about 2 or 3 days ago developed a low grade fever that keeps bouncing between 100-101.5. Thankfully Auntie Erica is here and going to take her to the doctor. It's just odd that she is developing a fever even though she has been on antibiotics for 10 days. I hope Leah and Erin feel better soon!!

Chelsi said...

Poor Leah, I hope she is better today!!!! Erin and Ethan must be on similar circadian rhythms because he slept from 7:15 pm to almost 6 am this morning too.... I was so happy not to have to get up at 5-something :)

Keri Donald said...

Yea for Erin!

:( for Leah! I hope she feels better very soon. It's so hard to see your babies suffering!

Nikki said...

Hope Leah is feeling better!

Gotta love life's little miracles like your 6 month old sleeping through the night on a night when your almost 3 year old requires all of your attention. :)

Jacqueline said...

I hope Leah feels better soon. Jack had a similar fever about a month ago. Alternating the Tylenol and Motrin helped him. We just had to keep it in his system regardless if the fever was gone. When we stopped - he would get it again in about 2 hours. He was better in a day. Good luck and Congrat's to a restful night!!!