Wednesday, March 12

Leah feeds Erin

Someone asked for a video of this so here it is:

I love when Leah says, "Ahhhh" to get Erin to open her mouth!

I just realized that it totally sounds insincere when I congratulate Annabelle at the end, but I really do mean it. I am SO impressed at Annabelle's letter recognition skills. Great teaching, Keri!


Keri Donald said...

The video isn't showing up. :(

Angelle said...

Duh, it helps to publish it AFTER the video is uploaded, not before. Sorry, it should work now.

Nikki said...

AWE!!! I can totally see Halle doing that in a few months! Leah is such a great sister!

Keri Donald said...

That's SO cute! I'm not surprised that Leah is such a great helper. It seems to come natural to her.

And you're so funny... that doesn't sound insincere. :) Annabelle says thank you, and I do too! :)

Christina said...

What a cutie pie. Zach tries this too but it isn't near as successful! I'll have to post a video titled the difference between boys and girls :-)