Tuesday, March 11


I noticed this afternoon that Leah had several splinters in her hand, one of which was starting to get infected. So I told her I had to get the tweezers and take it out. She said, "I don't like the squeezers." :)

After we got her ready for bed, I sat down on our bathroom floor with her in my lap and read the The Lorax in her ear while Mike did his magic on her hand. She cried the entire time and tried to jump out of my lap 3 times. It is SO hard to hurt your child even when you know it is good for them. She kept saying, "I want to go straight to bed." You know when that child is asking for bed she is traumatized. She is usually exclaiming, "I'm not tired," right up to the second she falls asleep.

In addition, I was flashing back to when I was a kid and my step-dad used to get my splinters out. I HATED it! I could almost still feel the tweezers.

So when she was finished, we made a big deal about how brave she was. She got 3 mini-M&Ms and 3 stories because she is going to be 3 soon. She has been talking (and shouting) to herself in bed for a good 45 minutes now. I guess the straight to bed thing was just a ploy...


Tiffanyrose said...

I thought that was pretty clever when she reffered to them as the the squeezers because what do they do.. squeeze. Very clever little girl.

Mirdonamy said...

The Lorax is my FAVORITE Dr. Seuss story! :) I even have a Lorax T-Shirt!

I hated splinters too. I'd always ask, "won't it come out on it's own eventually?" Nope! Had to have the "squeezers" heehee

I can't wait to see her on her 3rd Birthday! I'll need directions from the airport to your place, as I probably won't have GPS.

Arie :)