Monday, March 31

Date night!

Friday night Mike & I got to go on a real date. During the day I went to New York & Co and bought a new outfit to wear. I got a pair of those crop pants. I guess they are kinda like capris except shorter. I was worried that it would be too cool to wear them, but it wasn't!

So I drove to the city and met Mike after work. We parked and walked to Arpa's Tapas Wine Bar & Grill. It was fabulous! I have always wanted to go to a tapas restaurant. We sat outside on the patio because it was a beautiful evening. We ordered things like meaty mushrooms with sherry and truffle oil, Spanish ham croquettes, and chicken confit with apricots and almonds. Delicious! Then we got a trio of desserts too! It was one of the best meal experiences I have ever had.

Earlier in the week, Mike had heard about a play from the radio. It is called The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron? and it was playing while my parents were visiting. He thought it sounded funny so we decided to make it a date. So after dinner we made our way over to the Boothe Playhouse. It was a smallish theater, seated about 200-300. The play was really funny! It was about a guy who was dumped, but he wanted to get her back, so he had to figure out what women want. I was amazed because it was 90 minutes and it was a one-man show. He kept everyone entertained for that long all by himself. If you get a chance to see his show, I highly recommend it.

A quick Leahism before I sign off. I have this purse that is black with a pink G on it that I don't use much anymore (let's face it, my purse is a diaper bag). So I put it in Leah's playroom for her to play with. She had been using it that day as a diaper bag, but was long since done playing with it. So I found it and put my stuff in it because it matched my outfit. She pitched a fit! She told me, Mama, if you don't wear pink, you don't have to use my bag. She wanted me to change my clothes! So I declined and told her it was my purse to begin with and I was only letting her borrow it to play with. Kids!


Keri Donald said...

She'll be stealing your clothes before you know it!

Nikki said...

What a perfect day! From the new outfit, to the perfect dinner, to the entertaining show... sounds like a dream!

The Leahism is awesome. That's the down side of having bright kids, I guess. They put things together. :) You should get her started with the preschool debate club right away. :)