Saturday, March 22

Getting back to good

Leah has been fever free for 36 hours now. Sh ehas a TINY rash the size of a half dollar on her lower back and that's it. Erin has had a periodic fever, lower grade than Leah, for the past 2 or so days. Not too serious and she is absolutely fine in between times. So we are happily returning to normal.

Dad & Myrn & Brittany arrived yesterday and have been totally entertaining the kids. I don't know what to do with myself half the time because I am so used to always doing something for someone. Myrn cooked shrimp alfredo last night (YUM!) and we are going to Maggiano's tonight for dinner!!! My favorite restaurant of all time! So I am super excited. We had sweet potato pancake for breakfast and they were delicious. Eating is so good when Dad comes to visit. We have crab legs in the freezer to eat this week too. I can't wait!


Mandi said...

I'm glad to hear things are getting better for leah and erin. YEA on maggianos! Have some ravioli al forno for me! :)

NaeNae said...

I'm glad everyone is feeling better. And crab legs? You are making me hungry. They are my favorite!