Monday, July 23

Quick Dr Appt Update

My doctor told me that I am 1 cm today! It is the beginning of the end. No thinning of the cervix though, so he says probably not this week. I predict within a week of my due date. He said we will induce if no baby by August 22nd. So there you have it - one month left no matter what! I have weekly appts now, on the next 2 Mondays. Stay tuned for Baby Watch 2007.

pregnancy due date


Emily said...

Are you ready? Nevermind, I know you are! The room pics on your site are too cute! You should go into the nursery design business!

Keri Donald said...

Wow! It's all becoming so real!!!

If Erin decides to come early, let her know that July 31st is a good day. ;)

Christina said...

How exciting. I'm so ready! I love Erin's room. The stripes match the bedding perfectly! I'm going to be really ready once you and Keri have your babies :-)

Kelly in NC said...

Can I get put on the call list when the baby has arrived? I can't wait to meet little Erin!