Friday, July 27

My Water Baby

Last fall Leah took swim lessons (well the baby kind where you just get them used to the water). She pretty much HATED them. She was happy to play games with me but ANYTHING that required her to get her face wet and/or go under made her scream. After a lesson or two, she would scream whenever we approached the pool. It never got any better.

That's why I was so surprised today. We went to the water park at the aquatic center and the water was kinda chilly. At first only Christine and Alex were there (Alex is Leah's age too). Leah would barely dip her toes in then. Alex and his mom were going on the slides but Leah said "No thank you." (Literally) Then after a bit Ian and Ty show up with their families. When Ian started going into deeper water and bouncing around like a bunny, Leah wanted to do it too. She didn't even want to hold my hand! She would also lay on her tummy in the shallow area and push up with her arms so that she was floating on her tummy! You have no idea what trying to get her to float was like in swim lessons. Last but not least she wanted me to swing her through the shoots of water so that they would hit her on the back. This is a child who has a conniption if "sprinkles" touch her. So I was VERY proud of my water baby today.

On another note, the sleeping is still not going well. We had one good night and two good naps since I wrote last about it. Yesterday she spent almost 2 hours in her room in bed BEFORE she fell asleep. I put one of those doorknob things on the door so she can't get out and wander around and it TICKS her off when she tries to get out. Also at night, I think she is having dreams and they wake her up and freak her out. For example last night:

She wakes up screaming Mommy at 4am. When I get to her door she is standing there with blankie saying "I want to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's room." I didn't want to bring her in because usually when I do, no one sleeps anymore that night. But I had to pee so bad (damn prego bladder) that I did anyway. She told us that there were sharks in Leah's room. We talked about how sharks live in water and I said "Do you have any water in Leah's room?" and she said "No, only at the movies." Ahhhh, we had seen Shark Tale on Wednesday as the kids' movie. I guess I can't do anything about her dreaming, can I?

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Tiffanyrose said...

My girls both still have nightmares very easily. We have to be careful what they watch. I understand the no sleeping thing though. They both would go through spuratic phases. Poor baby, I hate nightmares myself, let alone on a little child!!

Brittany Love said...

That is so upsetting! I hate to think she's having nightmares! You tell her Autn B will come get those sharks!