Monday, July 16

Book Tour #3

Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Author: J.K. Rowling

Question Due: August 10th

All Questions Listed: August 11th/12th (assuming I am not in the hospital having a baby)

Post Date: August 17th (my due date!)

How the book tour works:

(1) leave a comment or send me an email ( saying that you're interested in participating.

(2) I will keep adding to this list of participants so people will know who is participating and where to go to read other reviews on "post day" (August 17th). You can add yourself to the list up until August 10th.

(3) read harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by August 10th (about 3 weeks from the book's release).

(4) create a single question that would kick off a discussion (in other words, any question that leads to more than a "yes" or "no" answer where someone can express their opinion) and email it to me on August 10th (or any time beforehand).

(5) on August 11th/12th, I will post the list of possible questions. Everyone will choose 3 questions off the list and answer them in a blog entry (if we only have 3 participants, we'll all be answering the same questions. If there are more questions, we'll have more variation on the blog entries because people will choose to answer different questions).

(6) on August 17th, everyone will post their entry. I will post my answers too and a reminder that it's post day so people can go around and read the entries and comment (start a discussion back and forth in the comments section).

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Brittany Love said...

Are we going to have trouble buying the book since it's release is so hyped up?

Angelle Gallers said...

I don't think it will really be a problem, but if you haven't read all the other Harry Potters, I wouldn't attempt this one until I had.

Labs said...

WOOT! I can't wait for HP & TDH!