Thursday, July 12

My view on the new HP movie

I have been to the movies more lately than I have been in a year! Mike's weekly wakeboarding trip got canceled due to weather so we WERE able to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night. This small town of Monroe we live in is SO ridiculous when it comes to movies. It was OPENING night for goodness sake and there was no line and practically no one in the theater 25 minutes before the show started! In Clearwater we would have had to get tickets a week early and wait in line to even get into the theater. AMAZING!

So this might be a spoiler here, do not read on if you are planning to see it and haven't yet. I don't know if it was too hyped or what, but I was left a little disappointed. I truly do think the reason was the shortness of the scenes. This was the longest book and I think it was a struggle to fit all the important plot points in. Everything except the major battles was shown in snippets that really did not give you the proper emotions of the characters. I felt everything was just a bit too SHALLOW. I felt much more deeply while reading. The scene where the students battled for the prophecy was awesome. My favorite by a mile though was Dumbledore and Harry's battle with Voldemort at the end. It was SO well done. I actually liked the changes the director made to the scene BETTER than the book version, which is saying a lot.

There, I don't think that paragraph gave anything away that you would not have known after reading the book. No spoilers here. If you saw it, what was YOUR opinion?

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NaeNae said...

I'm going to see it today...I'll let you know.

Erica Lynn said...

I saw it last night and I totally agree with you. I was actually bored through most of the movie! I was dissapointed, but the end scenes were fantastic .. but still so much was missing .. oh well ..

NaeNae said...

I saw the movie in the IMAX theater today, and loved it! I just finished the book maybe a month ago, so I noticed some key elements from the storyline were missing / different. But overall, I thought it was good.

Kelly in NC said...

Renee and I saw it at the IMAX and i LOVED it! I made the mistake of re-reading the book for the last movie and then felt disappointed by the movie. i swore that i would not make that mistake again and so really enjoyed this movie...probably becuase I had forgot all but the main points to the story.