Thursday, July 12

Kids say the darndest things!

I have to put in a few of Leah's latest quotes (all today):

L: Mommy, I'm say-rd (scared) She comes to hide next to me and tucks her face away.
Me: Why are you scared, baby?
L: There's a ghost! Where's Daddy?
Me: He's at work, but I am here.
L: I want Daddy come home!

Where is this child learning about ghosts?

I offer Leah a Nilla Wafer before I pack some in a bag to take as a snack.
L: No thanks. Put it in the bag for safekeeping.

Um, safekeeping?

Leah is in bed, supposed to be taking a nap. I hear over the monitor:
Mommy, I have a surprise for you. I have pee pees.
Turns out to be poo poo and that was NOT the surprise. Apparently she has a birthday cake for me. But she put the two topics together to make for a WONDERFUL surprise for me.

Gotta love those little ones. :)

Oh yeah, I had the ultimate pregnancy brain experience today too. I let Leah climb into her carseat by herself this morning while I tied her balloon on the seat. I then helped the guy load groceries into my trunk. We drove off and I called Mike to tell him some of the cute things she said this morning. I am about 2 blocks from the store and I hear Leah saying "Stop talking for a minute Mommy. I have something to tell you. You forgot to buckle my seatbelt." I had NOT strapped that child into her seat! Just drove off and forgot about it. Dang, I need a 2 yr old to keep me on track.

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Keri Donald said...

Love it! She's such a smart cutie!

Christeeny said...

At least she didn't make a poo poo birthday cake for you. EW!

At least Leah told you that you didn't buckle her in, smart girl that one. I once drove with Alex not buckled up in his baby bucket for 7 miles (the distance between the restaurant I was in & home). I nearly had a coronary when I took him out of the car!

NaeNae said...

I am also guilty of forgetting to buckle Kellynn. She too, will let me know (and then "let Dad know about it" when he gets home later).

Christina said...

How cute! I had a similar experience with Zach also. He also let me know Mommy, Mommy buckle me PLEASE!! They are so cute it makes you feel a little less bad for being so scatterbrained.

Jacqueline said...

It is the pregnancy brain experience. I have always buckled Sam in until I was pregnant with Jack. He was 4 years old. He too told me after we got down the road.
Too cute!

Mirdonamy said...

Her comments and word-usage is fascinating. Keep an eye on that! If you have time, read this: I have always wanted to monitor a child at Leah's age... just to see what knowledge and wisdom they can offer us. :)