Friday, July 20

The Escape Artist

Leah decided to showcase her new skills today. She has not been going down well for naps lately. Some days she won't sleep at all, others she talks for an hour or more before falling asleep. It's really frustrating. So today I cleaned out my van where I couldn't hear the monitor and closed the garage door when I went back inside. I guess Leah heard the door because I could hear her crying through the monitor on the kitchen table, but from FAR AWAY. I happened to close the upstairs baby gate today because of her new skill of opening doors. Even though Leah CAN open doors she has never left her room when she is supposed to be sleeping. I go up the stairs and she is standing on MY bed.

She had gotten out of her room and climbed onto my bed (I have never seen her climb onto my bed before).

Needless to say, there were no naps to be had today.

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Nikki said...

Just when you get excited that your kid has a growth spurt, they go and learn something like that! Ugh.. leaving the room when she's supposed to be sleeping. NOT looking forward to that!