Wednesday, April 4

I've been tagged!

My friend Emily has tagged me to list things that describe a "real mom". I will do my best...

"Real moms" wipe kids' boogers on their pants or shirt when there is no where else.

"Real moms" ask ridiculous rhetorical questions like "Do you want to go to time out?"

"Real moms" can eat lunch, make a phone call, and still stop a toddler from swallowing something inappropriate.

"Real moms" often forget bits of their own personal hygiene in an effort to get a child ready for the day.

"Real moms" are excited about the idea of a vacation without kids, but have a hard time with the reality of it.

I tag Keri and Kelly.



Anonymous said...

Super cute and soooo true!
-Laurie :)

Brittany said...

real moms are so pround of their kid's first poop in the toilet that they post it all over the internet. hahahahahaha

Emily said...

"Do you want to go to time out?"

Oh my gosh I totally get that!

And the personal hygiene. I'll have the boys fully ready for the day and I am still in the PJs. No time!

Kristen said...

Ha ha - Emily pointed out to me that you and I both referenced boogers. I love it. ;)