Thursday, April 19

Book Tour #1

Book: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan: A Novel
Author: Lisa See
Question Due: May 25th
All Questions Listed: May 26th
Post Date: May 31st

How the book tour works:

(1) leave a comment or send me an email ( saying that you're interested in participating.

(2) I will keep adding to this list of participants so people will know who is participating and where to go to read other reviews on "post day" (May 31st). You can add yourself to the list up until May 25th.

(3) read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by May 25th (about 5 weeks).

(4) create a single question that would kick off a discussion (in other words, any question that leads to more than a "yes" or "no" answer where someone can express their opinion) and mail it to me on May 25th (or any time beforehand).

(5) on May26th, I will post the list of possible questions. Everyone will choose 3 questions off the list and answer them in a blog entry (if we only have 3 participants, we'll all be answering the same questions. If there are more questions, we'll have more variation on the blog entries because people will choose to answer different questions).

(6) on May 31st, everyone will post their entry. I will post my answers too and a reminder that it's post day so people can go around and read the entries and comment (start a discussion back and forth in the comments section).

I hope that was clear. Please email me or comment if you have any questions. Can't wait to get the book and start reading!

Update: Our book is available at Target!



Laurie said...

Fantastic:) I will go order my book now...

Christina said...

Me too!

Nikki said...

The local library is holding it for me. I'll pick it up tomorrow! :)

Liz said...

Count me in - my book arrived today!

claire said...

Sounds good to me - I love to read!

Aussiefoxes said...

Have my book in hand, will start reading as soon as possible.

Kelly in NC said...

Ok, I finished the book. Here is my question for the discussion:
At the end of the story, Lily has done everything within her power to seek forgiveness for the way she treated Snow Flower. Share an action or situation that you later regretted and if applicable, how did you make ammends for that mistake?