Sunday, April 8

Happy Easter!

We had such a wonderful day here at casa Gallers. It is the absolute best thing to watch your child be excited about something. Leah could NOT stop talking about the Easter bunny coming. When I went in to get her this morning, she started dancing on her bed and said she was so "esscited". Digging through her basket and finding the eggs in our living room were highlights of her morning. She was quite upset when Mike took the jellybeans and chocolate eggs out of her basket after breakfast so she wouldn't keep eating them. She was so funny with the jellybeans. She would keep them in her cheek like a squirrel and then spit them out when the good stuff was all sucked off.

After naptime, we all headed over to the Maddexes for our neighborhood egg hunt. From left to right, you see Ty, Ian, Leah, Hannah, and Alex. Hannah and Alex belong to our friends who live one block over. We met them right around Super Bowl time and they have been a part of our group ever since. We are missing some of the traditional members of the cul-de-sac crew due to family trips and sickness. Anyway, Leah was a Super Egg Hunter! She raced around so fast that I was afraid the other kids wouldn't get that many eggs, so I called her off to sit in the grass and open some of the eggs. Then everyone came over for a fish fry that my dad generously cooked for. We had a lovely friend and family day.

On another note, my next doctor's appt has been changed to April 18th. The doc had a "family emergency" and had to cancel appts for an entire week! So we won't be able to check on the sex of Baby Gallers until then. It's getting to the point where if we can't find out this next appt, I will just have to pick gender neutral bedding. I want to start on the paint and stuff soonish so that the room is finished by Hive. So boo on the doctor.

Happy Easter to all and to all a good night!



Emily said...

Fun! Was your egg hunt super-cold! We went to my inlaws and it was FREEZING!

Keri Donald said...

Awe! I can't imagine how much fun it was to watch Leah run around picking up the eggs! I can't wait until next year when Belle really gets what's going on. :)

Ugh... I'm so frustrated for you about the doctor's appointment! I just don't see how people can NOT want to find out... I CAN'T WAIT!

Christina said...

I second that Keri. I really hope you find out Angelle!

I'm glad Leah had fun hunting for eggs!