Monday, April 23

Chase Maddex has arrived!

Leah and I just got home from the hospital visiting the family. Laurie arrived at the hospital at 11:50pm last night and Chase was born at 1:19am. She has the best luck with labor and delivery! He was out in three contractions too.

Right now, he's in the NICU on oxygen. He's not quite getting enough in his system. The Dr thinks it may just be extra fluid in his lungs because he came so fast. They are hoping to try to wean him off the oxygen sometime in the next day or so. We were able to see Chase through the NICU window. He looks nothing like Ian when he was born. Even though Chase wasn't necessarily a big baby (7lbs 11oz) he looks big. We are sending our happiest and healthiest thoughts out to him and his family right now.



Christina said...

Congrats to Laurie. I'm sure you are totally ready for little Gallers #2 to get here now!

Let me know how Ian does. I'm so worried about that.

Laurie said...

Thanks Angelle! You have been such a great friend through this journey :) They were great brownies!!

Keri Donald said...

Congrats Laurie!!!