Wednesday, March 28

And the money kept rolling out

in all directions (from Evita)

I just paid bills today (not our regular monthly bills) amounting to $800! They are for vehicle taxes and doctor bills for me. Since our insurance only pays 80% we are scrambling to come up with the other 20% for now. When Mike goes permanent with Bank of America we will be 100% insured and this issue should go away. But for now, we are trying to figure out how to afford to be pregnant.

We went to Carowinds last Sunday for a wonderful day. I didn't realize how many rides they have for little kids. Leah could ride 6 rides! I was so afraid on 2 of them that she would be terrified once they got going (she rode with Mike). But she loved every minute of it! One of the rides actually had her riding ALONE! I couldn't believe it and again was nervous for her. She had so much fun she rode it twice! I realized that I can't let a mother's fears hold her back. She has to be able to try things to see what she likes. We had such a great day and I can't wait to go back again.

This weekend we go to Durham to see the Wrigleys move into their new house and to see Ronni & Steve also. I have to check out Durham on the web and see what there is to do there so we can hang out there on Saturday and wait for everyone to arrive. Any ideas?

Only 2 weeks until my next doctor's appt and hopefully we can tell what kind of baby I have this time. Leah's room has been mostly taped out and is waiting to be finished and painted. After that it is baby's turn, but we have to know what kind it is first.

I have a 2 day week next week because spring break starts. Our anniversary is Thursday but we will probably will wait until the following week to celebrate because my dad will be in town and can babysit for us. Leah & I may go meet Mike in the city for lunch that day though to do SOMETHING fun.

That's all I have, have a great week!



Keri Donald said...

Oh my goodness... I can't believe she's old enough to ride the rides all by herself! She's growing up so fast! And I can totally imagine your nerves watching her on the rides alone for the first time!!!! I can feel the knots right now!

Keri Donald said...

One more thing... Belle LOVES to "see" (the sign she does for watching things) the Leah videos. :) She'll make me play them over and over, and I think she's even associated that the cutie Leah in the videos is the same Leah as on the fridge. :)

Christina said...

Ughh...hopefully Mike will go permanent soon. I hope you have a wonderful Spring Break! Happy early Anniversary!

Have fun in Durham. Give Stace and Landon a big hug for me!

kelly in nc said...

Have fun in Durahm. I do have an idea about something fun to do with Leah in town. Call me!