Friday, August 25

Update on Leah

I just wanted to share some of the cute things Leah has said/done lately. This morning she grabbed her elbow out of the blue and said "be-bow". I love when she says things without repeating them. She knows most of the body parts too. She has been starting to say a few words with all of the sounds (up, map). It's so adorable to hear her say "up" when she wants to sit next to me on the couch. This morning when we were watching TV, the character asked the audience a question and Leah responded, "No" with a shake of her head. She is interacting with the TV! How cute is that?

Also, whenever we sit on our front porch swing she says, "Dada?" like she's asking where he is. The first time she sat there, we all sat together as a family and she remembers that. When we talk about PawPaw, she always says Mimi too. I have been working on Grammy, but so far no luck.

This morning Laurie & I took a circuit training class that kicked out butts. The kids made it through the entire time at daycare. Leah was crying when I got there but the worker said that she only cried every so often to remind them she was there. So another successful day of working out. We have done something everyday this week except Tuesday. Congrats to us!

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