Saturday, August 19


Isn't this picture adorable? We took Leah and Ian to the park yesterday along with two other families from our neighborhood. The other moms each have 3 kids, so at the park there were: 2 3yr olds, a 2yr old, an 18 mo old, a 15 mo old, a 6 mo old and a 5 mo old. (The 5yr old was at school). It was so much fun. Then tonight we had a BBQ at Laurie's with all the same families. We all said we felt like we had known each other forever. I can't wait to get together again!

My dad is wondering if Leah is allergic to cats. When we lived in FL, she had all those ear infections. Then we moved and they went away. BUT when Bryan & Laurie's cats came to live up here, she had another slight ear infection. Then we moved into our house and she has not had one since. Well, our cats are coming home to us on Labor Day weekend. So we will see if she gets any ear infections after that.

Today was my Pilates class. I had never taken that class before I moved here. I had done Pilates on DVD, but I really didn't like it. But now I have been going every Saturday for about 6 weeks. I really LOVE this class though. The instructor is really mellow and soothing, so you still feel relaxed even when you are doing push-ups with your ankles balancing on an exercise ball (today's lovely adventure). Anyway, it really refreshes and revives me. I can't wait to go again on Monday!


Keri Donald said...

Interesting! Have you asked your pediatrician if allergies can surface that way (as ear infections)? I've never heard of that, but that certainly doesn't mean anything! :)

I hope Leah isn't allergic to your little kitties! :(

Andrew said...

That is interesting - that Pilates with a DVD didn't work for you, but with a live instructor and classmates you look forward to it. Maybe the social part makes it worthwhile? Or the variability? Good for you!
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Nikki said...

She's already kissing boys?! You've got trouble on your hands!!

Seriously, that is such sweet picture. I love it!

NaeNae said...

My daughter kept ear infections until we finally had to have tubes put in. As soon as one ear infection would clear up, she'd get another one within a week. The doctor suspected allergies and sent us to see a specialist. It turns out she is allergic to practically everything - mold, dust, pollen, and dogs (but not cats).

Christina said...

A friend of ours little girl kept getting ear infections from an allergy as well. Once they figured out what she was allergic to the infections went away.

That picture is adorable and it sounds like you guys are having a great time up there.

Keri Donald said...

Me again! :)

So, last night I was reading my favorite baby book, "Your Baby's First Year: Week By Week", and they mentioned that babies get lots of ear infections when they get colds (and sometimes without colds too) because their ears aren't elevated higher than their sinuses and this usually stops around 3 years old. Anyway... my point is now I understand how allergies could cause ear infections! :) I love that book! The information in it is ALWAYS so timely!

Ed said...

What is this kissing boys.Leah looks like she is having too much fun....Dadz