Tuesday, August 1

Sevens Meme

Seven things I can’t do:

* Drive stick shift
* Hula hoop
* Play piano
* Water ski
* Draw anything but stick figures
* Sew
* Paint a wall neatly (and I have tried!)

Seven things I can do:

* Finish a 200 page book in one sitting
* Shop for baby things :)
* Scrapbook
* Design fun paint patterns on walls like Trading Spaces
* Proofread (I used to be the editor for my roommates in college)
* NOT buy shoes practically ever
* Follow a recipe

Seven things I want to do before I die:

* Travel the US in a motor home (where I don't drive)
* Go to a Broadway show
* Learn to snow ski
* Write curriculum for a publishing company
* Have an anniversary party as elaborate as my wedding
* Visit Paris and eat at a real Parisian cafe
* Go to chef school (I love this one!)

The Seven dwarves are (google is cheating!):

* Dopey
* Sleepy
* Happy
* Grumpy
* Bashful
* Doc
* ??

Seven things I say most often:

* No, no, Leah
* Do you want some milk?
* Honey, you know I'm right
* Where is... (we just moved)
* Ugh, I need a screwdriver for this
* Do you need anything at the grocery?
* I don't have anything to wear.

Seven movies I love:

* Clue
* Dirty Dancing
* Father of the Bride 2
* Muppets Take Manhattan
* Rent
* The Incredibles
* Gone in 60 Seconds

Seven friends who are getting memed:

* Kelly
* Keri
* Laurie
* That's it for me!

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