Friday, August 4

A television obsession

Leah is now hooked on Dora the Explorer. Every time she sees the TV she asks, "Doh-wah, Doh-wah?" I really can't watch TV with her around because tantrums ensue if there is anything on but Dora. I don't know how it got to this point, but it does not set a good precedent for the future.

The house is progressing. We have put up blinds and shades in almost every room. We have ceiling fans in the family room and master bedroom. The baby's room is next. We HAVE to get the baby gates installed this weekend. The ones we have up now are pressure mounted and you have to step over them to get to the front door. The new ones are hardware mounted and have a latch to open. I can't wait until everything is more settled and unpacked. We are getting there!


NaeNae said...

I remember the days of Dora! Now it's "Kim Possible" around my house!

Christina said...

Zach hasn't started with Dora, everything with him is Elmo. We can hear him talking in the middle of night and we hear him saying Elmo.

We can't wait to see the house. Hopefully you'll be there labor day weekend so we can come by.

Yvonne said...

Abigail still loves Dora. We have several of her "Big Book of Stories" which we have to read from every night! Thankfully she stays busy enough that I can keep her off of the TV most of the time. She ends up watching big sis's shows on Disney Channel. I had fun reading your blogs! Congrats to you and Mike on the new house!

Emily said...

Jack gets hooked on movies. In a demanding way. Dumbo, Bambi, now Charlotte's Web...we've been through them all. He'll either get them himself or demand them. We just got a new DVD player which he has not figured out yet, but he could partially work the one before.... I feel your pain!