Wednesday, August 23

I do not celebrate success

So this week on Weight Watcher's I gained 4 tenths back. It was Bryan's birthday (Laurie's husband) on Friday. We had cupcakes (I had 1). Then on Saturday we had a BBQ with our neighbors. We grilled out and ate potato salad, corn on the cob, jello salad, and BROWNIE TRIFLE for dessert. Oh my gosh! How could I help it? Actually I don't think the desserts are what did it. There are 2 factors:

1. I tend to grab bites of things (a bit of Leah's cheese, an animal cracker, etc.) and not count it because it was less than a point. All those less than a points add up to whole points I am not counting.

2. I get weighed in after dinner. Who loses weight after dinner? So Laurie & I decided that we would not eat until after the meetings from now on.

Hopefully next week will be better...


Keri Donald said...

I hope you aren't discouraged! 3+ pounds in two weeks is still very good... especially considering the first week is usually water-weight and you still kept it off, so you're obviously doing something right!

I can totally related to the picking at baby's food! I overdid the animal crackers this week! Hopefully the overall better eating is still helping though!

Kelly in NC said...

Hey you ate all that and maintained your lost from last week? I think htat's great. One more tirck. When you go to your weigh in, take your shoes off...every once counts, right?

Christina said...

The snacking is definitely hard.

Congratulations though. You sound like you have a good handle on what you need to do. Keep us posted.