Thursday, August 10

Oh, what a feeling!

I love the feeling you get when you make a To Do list and you actually do things on the list. I started one 2 days ago and it sat on my fridge mocking me. "You'll never do these," it said every time I looked at it. But today I completed all but one task. I win!

Leah successfully stayed in the gym day care today! I dropped her off and got her playing. Then I left and I didn't hear any crying before I got out the door. When I returned, she was playing! I had to leave at a certain time because we had a microwave repairman was coming to fix our brand-new never been used microwave. I was so sad to take her when she was doing so well. We have to keep this up, taking her 2-3 times a week so she gets used to it. Maybe we are breaking the Mommy addiction!

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Kelly in NC said...

I need you to come over and work on my To Do List! It is never ending!